It is exactly six weeks until I fly to New York to start my Trek America adventure so I thought i'd do a post explaining exactly what I am doing and why!

It all started about six months ago after thinking about 2015 and plans for my big 30th birthday. I knew I wanted to do something a bit different of the big 3-0 and thought about travelling. America has always been top of my list to explore because its so vast and has so much different culture within one country.

I have previously visited the US for family holidays to Florida and have been to New York before, once with college and most recently to work at a summer camp in New York for three months. Whilst working in New York previously I worked in the Catskills and was quite close to Niagara Falls, but never got to visit and the week in NYC at the end of my trip was hindered by a hurricane and storm warning so a lot of attractions were closed whilst I was there.
So that was it! I knew I wanted to visit NYC again and Niagara Falls, and thought about visiting a few other places along the way. This led me to the Trek America website. The site looked amazing, and had me hooked instantly, I could travel in a small group, with people my age, on a mini-van and see a lot of the sights of the US in a relatively quick timeframe whilst getting an amazing experience.

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