Being half Scottish I love visiting Scotland, but rarely get the chance. I recently took a visit to Scotland's capital city. Here are my recommendations for the top 5 places to visit to get the best views in Edinburgh.

This is my top spot. You get a 360 panoramic view of the city. On a clear day the views are incredible and even when its not it looks incredibly atmospheric. It can get very windy up here so go prepared.
on one side you can see down to Holyrood and the view of Arthurs Seat shows you why its so special. You also have the Nelson monument to take in. Further round you can see the city rooftops and the castle surrounded by the hills. Whilst on the other side of the hill you can see Leith and the Firth of Forth seascape.
If you want to see all types of views, city, hills, sea, this is the place.

The highest point in the city this is another spot to get amazing views and take in the history of the city within the castle walls.
As well as the views from the Castle you get incredible views of and inside, the old buildings are a sight to behold.

Whilst the other spots on my list give you great views above the city looking down, this spot is one of the best ground level views. Theres equally a lot to look at.
From the top end of Princes Street you can see up to Calton Hill in the distance. You also have the lure of the shops, but in addition to this you can see up to the Castle. If you take the walk from here up to the castle you also get a great view over the train station.
You can get an amazing view of the Scott Monument, and can get up close, as well as seeing Princes Street Gardens.

If you walk to Holyrood from Calton Hill you get a great view over it by going through the Old Calton burial Ground. Surrounded by hills and the Palace this view is one not to miss. The views outside Holyrood Palace are my favourite here, but in particular the crumbling walls of Holyrood Abbey give an atmosphere you can't get anywhere else in the city.

This historic road has amazing views all the way up to the castle, with the old buildings containing beautiful styles of shops, restaurants and pubs. In addition to this you pass St Giles Cathedral and St Columba's Free Church Of Scotland are very impressive and dominate the skyline.

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