Day three started with a bit of a lie in and as I had repacked the night before a few of us headed out to explore what Buffalo breakfast options there were. We went to Dunkin Donuts and grabbed sausage and egg muffins and a few other snacks to take back to the hostel breakfast room. We also grabbed some fruit from here for later in the day.
Today was a longer driving day and we had to cover 270 miles to Sandusky, Ohio. 
We gathered outside the hostel and the hostel owner grabbed a photo of our group and chatted to us, saying how our road tip would make a great reality show…its sure would!

We jumped in the van and made our first stop at wally world aka Walmart. This gave us a chance to buy some food for the day and I picked up a sleeping bag, as this was the first night we would need them as we'd be sleeping in a cabin. I also got some warmer clothes, a fleece jumper which was one of my best purchases and I used all the time, so warm!
We kept heading west into our third state, Ohio with most of the scenery consisting of fields, before passing through the state capital, Cleveland and getting a great view of the stadium from the road! After a bit more driving we arrived at …

Sandusky, OHIO:
The van pulled into the KOA campground in Sandusky, where we were given cabin keys and split into groups of three to grab our wooden cabins which we would call home for the night. I wasn't sure what to expect from the cabins on this trip but was pleasantly surprised. There was a set of bunk beds, a double bed, a couple of plug sockets and a lovely porch area with a table outside. The bathroom block was also a minutes walk away, so not as bad as I had feared, actually rather lovely.
We had a bit of downtime and then got organised and headed to...

Cedar Point, OHIO:
Jake dropped us off at the Cedar Point amusement park and gave us a pick up time that he'd be back with the van - we had quite a few hours to explore the theme park. Im not a big fan of theme park rides but wanted to go anyway and there was still plenty for me to do. Another trekker and I headed off to get on the big wheel while a large group of the others started on the rollercoasters. even though it was cloudy and quite chilly we had a great journey on the big wheel, slowly taking in the sights of Lake Erie, as the park and the big wheel is right on the edge of it. The water went for miles and its all you could see into the distance, think less a lake and more like the sea, hard to believe there are actually lakes this big, but everything bigger over here. 
Next we wandered round the park and were fascinated by their food stands which included "beaver tails" don't worry, it was only pastries in disguise!
We caught up with the others and watched some of the more fearless of the group take on some big rollercoasters. Then a few of us, myself included went on a smaller one, still a loop the loop that got close to the ground, proud of myself for that out of comfort zone moment!
We carried on wandering and picked up some amazing different flavour fudge from the "sweet spot" shop - it kept my sweet tooth satisfied for the rest of my american road trip.
As it was getting colder, me and a couple of others headed into a restaurant and got some hot food to keep us going for the rest of the day. After this it was nearly time to go, we met up with Jake and the van and headed back to the camp ground to try and get a good nights rest.
When back at the cabins I chilled for a bit and ate my leftover sandwich I got at Walmart, while my roommate headed for a shower, and once back I went to the bathroom blocks to do the same. 

TOP TIP: If you know you're having cabin nights definitely pick up some extra food when you get the chance at Walmart earlier in the day. It definitely helped me keep my energy up later on in the day. Even though we were a budget losing tour group the trek leader still had plates, cutlery and cups in the trailer for camping that we could use.

The quality of these were fine again, nice and large with multiple showers and toilets with a large mirror and sink area for getting ready. All the bathroom blocks on this trip were similar the shower stall here was pretty much the same as the one before, a lockable door, small changing area inside and hooks and a bench for storing your stuff then the shower cubicle. I went back to the cabins and briefly saw spoke to people outside as our group and the camping group version of our trek had gathered round the campfire for drinks. It was pretty cold so I headed back to the cabin for an early night. All these long days were waring me out already!

TOP TIP: If like me you've picked a BLT because you've never really camped or used cabins before, don't forget to take your phone or a torch with you, as well as your toiletries, to the bathroom blocks! Even if it is still light outside, and you have a shower around dusk, you may well emerge to pitch black surroundings, with little in the way of lights to guide you back to your cabin. 
Today was a much more chilled day,with no big touristy things to do but it was still exciting to see Lake Erie and have more of a recovery day after the big sights of the day before. I loved how we did still get some quite downtime days like this, as you definitely need them to take in what you'd seen so far. People did have the option to stay at the cabins instead of go to the theme park. I love this part of trek, that you can do or not do what you want to and if you want time out to explore round the campground there was more than enough time and chance to do this!

ITINERARY (LISTED):                           Cedar Point - Fastest Coasters

ACCOMMODATION:                            Sandusky KOA - Sandusky, Ohio

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