Time is flying by, counting down the days to my big trip and feel like i'm running out of time to get organised!

The planning for this trip has totally taken over my life, but hey its a pretty good thing to be spending my time planning, plus I really want to hit the ground running on my visit as I was scuppered by a storm warning the last time I visited where everything shut down, never seen Time Square so quiet!

So, in the last week I have made a lot of preparation progress, i've paid off the last of my trip!!! 
I've also sorted my travel insurance, airport shuttle for when I get to New York, ordered a prepaid currency card, got a sim card to use whilst away and booked my flight from LA to Vegas. So thats the last big prep things sorted! 
Theres a couple more airport transfers I need to sort out, but I reckon i'll fix that up when i'm out there, as I can never decide timings of travel and stuff till I've been in a place for a little while.

Its looking like I will have family to meet up with when i'm in Vegas, which is a huge plus! When I originally planned the trip, Vegas was gonna be a solo adventure, which was not ideal. Of course I may meet people on my Grand Canyon trek and I was hoping to venture out with them in Vegas but because I don't know anyone on the trek yet you can never be sure what other peoples plans may be. This has put me in a really positive mood and will make the end of the trip much more fun :)

With all the excitement in the air, I also managed to book myself 2 Broadway shows, which I can't wait to see. I managed to get some online discount codes as well, so have booked these up in advance. 
Normally, and the past 2 times i've visited New York i've used the TKTS booth in times square but on those occasions I had a lot more time in the city. The booth in NYC is slightly different to the London one and in NY you can't get evening tickets until 3pm, which realistically means needing to be queuing at Times Square at 2.30pm (In London the booth opens at about 10am for tickets that evening, so you can get sorted early and have fun with the rest of your day, which I much prefer). 
As I only have 3 full days to explore the city I didn't want to have to make my way back to the centre to queue for this, so even though i've paid a bit more its worth it to me to save time and give me clear days to visit all the other exciting attractions the city has to offer.

Whats left to do? you may ask, well, just the fun bits really. I've slowly been collecting things for my trip as I mentioned in my last post but with just 3 weeks to go I need to buy the final bits i need for my suitcase and hand luggage. 
We've been told we need a sleeping bag for the 3 week trek, but I've started a list for things to buy whilst i'm in New York before it starts so things like that, a pillow for the long van rides, maybe a nice fedora etc I will get out there, unless I can find any cheap bits in Primark to suit my needs. Hopefully that will keep the luggage weight down for my flight out.

And like I mentioned before, I still need to finish off my lists of places to visit. 
So if you've got any tips for cool places to go in New York, Chicago, San Fran, LA and Vegas send them my way please!!!
If theres anything you'd like me to vlog or blog please let me know, as I'm kinda new to this, but reckon it would make one interesting video!!

Not Long Till I'm back In The Land Of Yellow Cabs!!

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