I can't believe its less than a month until I fly to New York to start this epic six week adventure.

I have made some progress with organising my trip. I've booked all my accommodation for before, in-between and after my two treks, so now i'm really looking forward to it!!
The key main things left to sort out are:
  • Paying off my Grand Canyon Trek
  • Travel Insurance
  • Booking flight from LA to Vegas

So, not too many things left to sort out which makes me happy! On top of all this I have been making a list of things I want to do in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, so i'm a woman with a plan!! I'm hoping to book some of the things I want to do before I go and everything else I will sort out once i'm there. 
During the Northern BLT trek we get some free days in some cities and national parks along the way like Chicago and San Francisco. Whilst i'm hoping to have fun times with the other trekkers in my group I also want to look into things I really want to see whilst in those places so I make the most of my trip too. This was a key point I read up on from people who had trekked previously, as you don't want to regret missing out on something you want to see. Definitely need to look into that, and whilst i'm planning key things I want to see and do I don't have a set plan as its nice to go with the flow and the weather can always alter things too. All this organising is getting me pretty hyped though!

I have started buying little things towards the trip as well: hiking boots (as I don't even have trainers really, so thought they were worth getting), portable charger for phone and camera, guidebooks for a few places, travel adapter, etc etc. Most things I have got, but theres a few things left on the list which i'm hoping to buy in the next couple of weeks. Trying not to go too crazy as I want to have more spending money whilst i'm away and don't want to completely fill my suitcase before I go!
I do want to get some packing cubes, never used them before but saw this tip on Travel Sassy's videos and blog, which looks pretty useful, especially for once i've worn stuff. Thanks Lisa!!
Planning clothes for six weeks and all weathers is definitely an interesting challenge. I feel like i'm taking more with me this time than when I worked in New York for three months and this trip is half the time! I guess travelling and sightseeing means more planning is needed than staying in one place for three months, but hey, its an adventure!!
Of course i'll take lots of photos and videos of my trip but i'm hoping to log along the way too, never done that before so we'll see how it turns out, but from watching other vlogs its such a good way of documenting your trip.

If you've been on a Trek America trip or have experience travelling let me know any tips you've picked up along the way!

In four weeks i'll be at the airport all ready to go to my first stop NYC, not long now…

A photo from my last visit to NYC four years ago - Statue of Liberty
A photo from my last visit to NYC four years ago - Grand Central Station

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