We had woken up the latest we had done for a while and having a small lie in was nice, we had also woken to a bright sunny day. Some people were feeling the effects of their late night in the Cowboy Bar.

Today would be back to the planned itinerary and as I knew I didn't want to do the two activities on the list for today I knew it would be a chilled day for me. The downside to not wanting to do the optional activities was that there wouldn't be a lot else to do today especially because we were in a more remote area so there was nothing that nearby to walk to.

Jake drove us all a 15 minute drive away, back in the van to the town square at …

Jackson Hole, Wyoming:
We all split off and headed to get some breakfast. My closest trek buddy and I headed to a sports bar for some warm food, and had a big late breakfast or more like lunch at this point. I had a big meal as this was probably going to be our food for the day. Then we had a short wander round the square again, passing an impressive old style horse and cart. I was still loving this place.

We wandered back to the van and headed back to the cabins. The people that wanted to do white water rafting didn't have long and so they and the people in the camping group that were doing the activity headed off with Jake. The horse riding was straight afterwards and they wouldn't have a chance to come back so it was a bit rushed.

The rest of us just chilled round the cabins, getting some more rest and catching up with anything we wanted to with a bit of free time. I had a couple of hours sleep, and with another trekker headed to to the laundry room to get our washing done. It was so great to have these facilities as it was the first time washing in a week since Chicago, like most of the others staying behind.
Then the rafting group came back and had time to change after getting soaked before heading out for horse riding.

I, along with a few others not going, chilled a bit more then me and another trekker wandered round the back of the campsite and made our way down to Snake River to explore a bit and take in the scenery. It was really peaceful here and we saw some kayakers heading down the river, while sitting after a stroll and taking in the surroundings.
Having this spare time also meant I could take a nice long warm shower and pamper myself a little bit after nearly two weeks on trek. It was the most blissful afternoon.

Once the others came back from the activities we all sat outside the cabins chatting and relaxing and tried to decide what to do that evening. No one wanted a big night as we had done a lot the day before. We came to a consensus that we would go to the local cinema for a movie night. After a slight discussion about what to see we narrowed it down to Pitch Perfect 2 or Tomorrowland. We didn't all have to see a film together but the only options were too far apart in start times to see anything else. As a few people hadn't seen the first Pitch Perfect we decided on Tomorrowland, so Jake checked the times and we all made sure we were ready to head out in time to make the film.

It was a small cinema and after grabbing snacks and tickets we all headed in to watch the film. Some of our group thought the ending was bad and were a bit disappointed but i kinda liked it in a cheesy Disney kinda way. Despite the film it had felt like another perfect day to me, it was nice to do more normal things with everyone and bond a bit more. I'd had another relaxing and amazing day in cowboy country.

We stopped at the supermarket nearby and some people grabbed beers and we all grabbed some more snacks to see us through the evening. A few people got dropped off at the Cowboy Bar again and then Jake drove most of us all back to the cabins. We sat outside for a bit and most people drank beers, as the day ended.

Although I hadn't seen much today due to not doing the optional activities I felt so chilled and recuperated, just what I had needed and felt ready to see in the last week of our trek...

ITINERARY (LISTED):                           White Water Rafting - Horseback Riding

ACCOMMODATION:                            Snake River KOA - Jackson, Wyoming

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