We were waking up in the shadow of Devils Tower, Wyoming. The day started with bright sunshine which was a nice change from the snow yesterday. 
Due to it being cloudy and getting dark when we arrived the night before, we couldn't take in much of the surroundings, but the Devils Tower was the other side of our campsite and looked amazing in the sunshine. The vertical lines in the rock were like nothing I've seen before. We could also see the bright red rock surrounding the campsite which was pretty spectacular.

After getting ready at the bathroom block again we took in the scenery a bit more and had some breakfast. Then it was time to pack up and get on the road again. Today was another fairly long driving day.

After driving for a while we stopped in a town for lunch - Sheridan, Wyoming. There were a range of places to get lunch, and while most of the others went to fast food places, myself and another trekker went to Jimmy Johns. This is a sandwich shop, a bit like Subway, but so much nicer. I got a pretty amazing turkey sandwich and not like sandwiches in the UK they are huge, you can eat half and save half for later when you get hungry in the van!

The drive today was feeling long, but even though this was a day for driving we got the most spectacular views as we drove through Bighorn National Forest. The roads were very windy but we took a road that went up a mountain and gave great views of the greenery below. We even made it up to where there was snow and passed through clouds! We were pretty high, as we made our way down another side of the mountain we got more great views, driving through clouds was a pretty cool experience!

After more driving in mind afternoon we arrived in…

Cody, Wyoming:
This was our one and only stop for the day. We didn't get here until late afternoon though and were all a bit travel lagged. Instead of heading to the information centre we went to a local coffee shop, I had a lovely hot chocolate and we all stretched our legs a bit.
As there wasn't a lot else to do we headed to the cabins we would be saying in for the night. It was nice to get here fairly early and during daylight. We got sorted into groups again and got settled in, the cabins all had names, we got Butch Cassidy!
The shower block wasn't too far away and the camping group were cooking their dinner using the facilities next to the block. Myself and my cabin mate took this opportunity to get an early shower as there were only two. After chatting to the other group for a bit and having some downtime we got ready for dinner.

Jake took us to a local restaurant called Cassie's Supper Club. This was an old cowboy style restaurant, which our big group took over a huge area.
After dinner splitting the bill became a challenge as the bill was for the whole group after forgetting to add tips it took us a while to work out the maths.

A few of the group stayed for some drinks and would get a taxi back later but Jake brought the rest of us back to the cabins.
It was nice to have had a day with a bit more downtime after a busy few days, you definitely need it, as we were all pretty tired we all got an early night…

ITINERARY (LISTED):                           Old West - Old Trail Cowboy Town
ACCOMMODATION:                            Ponderosa RV Cabins - Cody, Wyoming

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