Today started quite early following our late night arrival at our motel the night before so everyone was pretty tired. Thats what you get for adding a mornings hiking activity in a National Park on van appreciation day!

We loaded into the van and set off for another fairly long drive to California. But we made a quick stop at a local supermarket to all grab breakfast, lots of fruit, pastries and snacks for me to keep my energy up throughout the day. We brought all our goodies back to the van and ate breakfast as Jake started our 330 mile journey for today.

As we passed through Nevada, we passed Battle Mountain before driving through Reno, I'd only ever seen these places on films and tv before so it was cool to see it out the window. Reno wasn't what I expected. Whenever I think of Nevada I think desert, but Reno was a sprawling city with loads of trucks on the highways and snow capped mountains running behind it, pretty picturesque.

We arrived in our twelfth state of the trip and we got some amazing views through the trees down to a huge Lake and before we knew if we were arriving in the area of...

Lake Tahoe, California:
Jake drove us straight to our stop for the night, the 7 Seas Inn, and it was more like a large BnB all decked out in a beach vibe with the rooms making you feel like you were in a beach hut.
We all grabbed our twin share rooms and had 10 minutes to slap on some suncream, change into swimming cosies and shorts pack a beach bag and head back out to the van.

Jake drove us up to a shop to grab drinks for the beach, most people grabbed alcohol six packs of beer, but lemonades and water were also picked up, and a ball for beach games.

We then headed back into Nevada as we were staying just past the state line in California, to Zephyr Cove resort which was a beach on the shores of Lake Tahoe.
It wasn't too busy so we put our towels down and got to sunbathing, this was the first beach stop of the trip! This area of Lake Tahoe was beautiful there was a roped off swimming area and then a jetty area for paddle boarding and other activities, with loads of little boats bobbing on the lake. Behind us at the entrance to the beach was a volleyball court.

This is definitely the point where trek turned from proper travelling to a more relaxed holiday vibe and we all happy with the chilled out vibe after the busy day the day before.

Some of the group headed to the paddle boarding, with Jake showing his cali native skills while everyone else learnt how to navigate the boards.
Myself and a few others stayed sunbathing before one made it into the lake where she shouted how cold the water was. After a while I braved it too, it was very cold, but after a while didn't seem so bad and was very refreshing and relaxing.
The others finished paddle boarding and made their way back to our spot before we couldn't stand the cold water anymore and headed back up the beach to join them.

After drying off, most of the group headed up to the volleyball court for a game while me and another  sunbathed and snacked on the beach. The group had decided we didn't want to do the Champagne cruise across Lake Tahoe so at about 4 or 5pm we dusted off the sand and headed back to the van after an amazing afternoon.

Jake drove us to Walmart where we all chipped in some dollars for a group barbecue later. A couple of people went inside and picked up steaks, corn on the cob and other food. We headed back to our accommodation and the group settled in the outdoor tables and chairs next to the barbecue. Jake and a few others started grilling while we got organised with plates and cutlery from the owners and set up the salads and other foods. Then we played games until it got dark and the food was ready.

We all enjoyed the amazing food, while most carried on the night with drinking. As we finished up the food everyone who hadn't cook helped to clear away while a few of the drunk members of the group went up to their rooms to grab towels before they headed into the hot tub. 
Others kept drinking at the tables and me and another trekker called it a night after a long couple of days.
I went up to my room, organised my suitcase a bit more and had a shower before letting my roommate back in as she had forgotten her key.
Then we settled into our beds before more California adventures tomorrow...

ITINERARY (LISTED):                           Tahoe Sunset Champagne Sail - Casinos?
ACCOMMODATION:                            7 Seas Inn - Lake Tahoe, California

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