After a week of work in London I explored the city in some new ways with the fam, and took a visit to the BBC Broadcasting House at the top of Regent Street.

I loved this visit, spotted 2 newsreaders and 2 weather presenters, amongst other things.
We started off by seeing into the newsroom, where BBC news 24 is broadcast from. There is a cafe and open viewing area where you can look down into the studios and watch everyone at work, while you relax with a drink. I'm used to having people watch me at work as I'm often painting in the windows of shops on Bond Street and lots of passers by stop to watch so it was nice to turn the tables for the afternoon and see 'tv people' at work.
It is such an impressive set up and its crazy to see how much information comes into this news centre, queuing up on the feeds like an airport departure board. It wasn't that long ago that we didn't have 24/7 news and at Broadcasting House there are three thousand employees, which makes up half of the employees at Broadcasting House, working on news alone.
On the mezzanine level of this area there is the Weather studio, which is just a small space and is open to the news below and in full view of the public gallery area. It was pretty novel to stand and watch multiple weather presenters at work, the busy few minutes preparing an presenting their reports and then calmness for 25 minutes before it was back to it.

The highlight of this visit had to be getting to see The One Show studio, seeing how small it is compared to how it looks on tv, and of course getting the chance to sit on the famous green sofa!
You can't pass up an opportunity to sit where lots of incredible guests have.

Feeling at home on the famous lime green One Show sofa!

We also got to see the radio drama theatre, and listened to a radio broadcast from WWII when a bomb hit the theatre, where the presenter kept calm and carried on in the true British spirit.

I love exploring new parts of London and seeing things I haven't before. It was a really informative visit and I would recommend anyone who has an interest in tv to go and explore here.

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